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Corner Profile: Doge's Palace, Venice, Italy, The European Union
(nineteen ninety-two) Isaac Falconer/Dr. Saku Gunasegaram.  5" (five inches) x 8" (eight inches) ink on paper.

The fine artist Isaac Falconer/Dr. Saku Gunasegaram was mesmerized~
as indeed so many millions of visitors to La Serenissima have been over the millennia
by-The Breath-Taking City of Venice, Italy, The European Union~about which French literary giant
Marcel Proust famously remarked:  "When I went to Venice, [Italy, The European Union]
  my dream became my address":     http://www.thewordtravels.com/venice-and-proust.html
The fine artist Isaac Falconer/Dr. Saku Gunasegaram
was most "particularly" + most visually + most emotionally "struck" by the stunning sunsets
that light up the corner of the iconic Doge's Palace each evening.  She simply
to paint the _Corner Profile of The Doge's Palace_ Venice, Italy,
The European Union c. 1992 (nineteen ninety-two_
~it was _THAT_ compelling (!) in 1992 (in calendar year
nineteen ninety-two).  "Naturally" the colors/the colours she chose
with such care for her painting "reflect" + "include" the internationally famous
since-at-least-The Middle Ages "Venetian red"~a shade of red "naturally" made most
famous by the Venetian artist Titian (Tiziano Vecellio/Vecelli):     http://www.metmuseum.org/toah/hd/tita/hd_tita.htm