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Melissa's Sun Burst 2003 Isaac Falconer/Saku Gunasegaram.
23" x 36" acrylic and gold ink on hand-made rice paper.

"We" noticed the sunburst motif on celebrity Marie Osmond in calendar year 2017 (twenty-seventeen) while
she (Marie Osmond) was/is (?)  a spokesperson for Nutrisystem:   

and even though "we" see no copyright infringements per se we are "glad" the black dress that
Maries Osmond wears/used to wear for Nutrisystem ads is now simply plain black with
no sunburst.

"What a treat!!  My first thought when I saw it was that it was the world lit up by the sun. . . The gold color is stunning against the blue backdrop and the hints of subdued green come at me the longer I look at the picture.  It is quite a contrast to the bright, bold gold.  Also as I look at the sun, I actually can see the dimension of a three dimensional globe--I hope I said that correctly.  It was quite exciting seeing a piece of your artwork in the 'flesh'."
~ Bev Clark, Akron, Ohio, USA (2004)
self-described Floor Scrubber

"One must still have chaos in one's self to be able to give birth to a dancing star" ~
Friedrich Nietzche (1844-1990)
German philosopher, critic and poet famed for his concept of the ''Superman''