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Signed, Numbered, Limited Edition prints of some original paintings
 on this web site are available for sale for EURO 40,000.

REPRODUCTIONS of the original painting published on this page are for sale in the USA for USA $40,000.
Larger digital images of these paintings are available upon request.
Since 2007, the minimum price of EACH ORIGINAL
FRAMED PAINTING has been EURO 50,000
~please use the          prevailing bank rate "of the day"
to calculate the exchange rate~or e-mail for more information.

If interested in a purchase, or to obtain more information,
please contact the artist:          saku@isaacfalconer.com          .

Commissions are sometimes (but not always) accepted
~at the artist's discretion.


Portrait of Lieutenant-General          Roméo Dallaire
WINNER of The 2014 (twenty-fourteen) Elie Wiesel Award.
CEREMONY:  April 30th, 2014 (twenty-fourteen) at Holocaust Memorial  Museum, Washington, DC, USA

Romeo D'Allaire:  A True Hero in a World of Fakes
©2014 Falconer/Gunasegaram.  4.75" x 6.25" (12 x 16 cm) acrylic paint on
two types of hand-made rice paper.
THE _ORIGINAL_ PAINTING is no longer for sale~
but prints of the painting [REPRODUCTIONS]_are_ for sale in the USA for US $40,000.
THE ORIGINAL PAINTING [not the print reproductions]
 was inspired by thoughts encountered while confronting
the genocide of Tamils located in Ceylon-Sri Lanka-South Asia.