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Signed, Numbered, Limited Edition prints of some original paintings
 on this web site are available for sale for EURO 1,500~and in the USA for USA $15,000.

REPRODUCTIONS of the original painting published on this page are for sale.
Larger photographs are available upon request.
Since 2007, the minimum price of a framed painting has been
EURO 50,000~please use the prevailing bank rate "of the day"
to calculate the exchange rate~or e-mail for more information.

If interested in a purchase, or to obtain more information,
please contact the artist: saku@isaacfalconer.com.

Commissions are sometimes (but not always) accepted
~at the artist's discretion.


Giving Birth to a Dancing Star2009 Falconer/Gunasegaram
6" x 8" (17 x 22 cm) experimental photographic print [this IS the original piece]

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Giving Birth to a Dancing Star2009 Falconer/Gunasegaram
6" x 8" (17 x 22 cm) is an experimental photographic print [this IS the original piece]
_NOT_ A PHYSICAL REALITY [!]  Therefore there is One Thousand Percent _Absolutely_ Zero_
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most probably the creative work of a white-possibly-gay

The afore-mentioned "experience" occurred "coincidentally" with a "break-in-on "both sides" of a _PRIVATE_ telephone conversation we had with University of Kansas English Professor Jerry Masinton~the author of the review-that appears below~and a friend since "we" were 19 years-old.  While we were talking we head the telephone line "broken into."  Professor Masinton heard it at his end in The USA State of Kansas-and "we" heard it at our location.  In other words BOTH ENDS OF A PRIVATE TELEPHONE CONVERSATION were AUDIBLY BROKEN INTO~possibly ILLEGALLY~possibly in direct violation of The USA Constitution~which all USA lawmakers~including the USA President~and all members of Congress are sworn to uphold.  This was then "followed" by an ABSURD OFFICIAL-LOOKING LETTER -addressed to us by an academic dean at The University of Kansas in Lawrence, Kansas, USA~with the official letterhead of  Dean, University of Kansas, Lawrence, Kansas, USA~forbidding the giving of gifts to "active" University of Kansas Professors~since all Professors at The University of Kansas are officially State of Kansas employees~and have restrictions applied to their activities that Professors at "private universities" do not.  The letter implied that it is "a financial crime"~for "us" to send gifts to University of Kansas Professor Linda Stone-Ferrier-from online vendor QVC~located in The USA State of West Chester, Pennsylvania, USA~in "memory' of our having baby-sat her son~Evan~during student working days~and that Professor Stone-Ferrier is forced to return her gift~which she did~with alacrity~to QVC in West Chester, Pennsylvania, USA.  However~gifts of BOOKS mailed via Amazon Online Vending Giant to Professor Stone-Ferrier at The University of Kansas, in Lawrence, Kansas, USA appeared to be "OK"~since these were never returned by University of Kansas art history professor Linda Stone-Ferrier~and Amazon Online vending international giant has never said anything to us about the gifts of paperback books [Amazon has shared that recipients of "some books" have been in touch with Amazon directly~asking for information about us~which Amazon says it refuses to release withOUT our explicit permission~which we did NOT "release"~and Amazon knows this!~because we explicitly TOLD Amazon:  "Do not release our name and/or our location without asking us first" and yes! we do trust Amazon on this particular "issue" ~relating to shared topics of interest to all students of art history~being returned by professors at The University of Kansas, USA located in Lawrence, Kansas, USA.  "Naturally" "these experiences" were also coincident with relentless 24/7 365 online ALL OVER THE USA television ads [a la ISIS/ISIL fundraisers?] "for" "Get you degree at  American Public University"~which we were more-than-certain-is totally one hundred percent bogus~and therefore "impossible[?]" - for the relevant "authorities [?]'  to "shut down[?]" "permanently[?]"

This review (below) was written by an independent UNCOMPENSATED reviewer.  It does not necessarily represent the views of the artist herself.  It is included unedited, except for minor grammatical corrections, so that the reader may understand how others have responded in words to these works of art.

"Dancing Star" is perfectly wonderful!  I look at it and think, You've moved into a new phase, or perhaps discovered a new vocabulary.  Funny, isn't it? that an English professor doesn't himself have the terminology for your work.  I think that's good because it means that your work is original, unclassifiable, beyond normal categories.  "Dancing Star" seems to me to have deeper colors, more passionate hues.  And that strip down the middle represents at least part of what I mean by your new language.  You've done one or two works before with words, but this time you're elemental.  When you're at your best--as you are here--you express the deepest core of your personality.  You bypass the usual categories of thought and the usual languages of painting to discover your own formulas of expression.  I don't think many artists, in any media whatsoever, ever do that.  And I also think that it's the holy grail of what artists have been reaching for since the beginning of the Romantic movement.  Each truly exceptional artist finds her own singular "dancing star."  Most artists never manage to make the long journey to the star.  It's a deep, indwelling source of inspiration that you seem to be able to tap.  I can see why it took you a long time.  The work had to grow until it was ready for birth.
At least this is how I understand the whole process.
Your work really presents the viewer with forces that aren't easy to confront.  I don't mean that your paintings are frightening.  But they're a little like looking into the sun.  There's nothing quite like them.
~Jerry Masinton, Emeritus Professor of English, Lawrence, KS, USA
          _AND_ author of:          _WRONG MAN DOWN_          https://www.amazon.com/Wrong-Man-Down-Millie-Henshawe/dp/194123738X/ref=sr_1_1?crid=33D28LBFYIP21&dchild=1&keywords=jerry+masinton&qid=1612900791&s=books&sprefix=by+jerry+masinton%2Caps%2C153&sr=1-1#reader_194123738X

This review (above) was written by an independent UNCOMPENSATED reviewer.  It does not necessarily represent the views of the artist herself.  It is included unedited, except for minor grammatical corrections, so that the reader may understand how others have responded in words to these works of art.